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Collarator will
instantly notify you
when your pet has
breached the
perimeter of
your preset fence.


How reliable is a GeoFence?
The geofence is very reliable. Because it is stored locally on the CollaRadar, as well as in the cloud, your device instantly knows whether your pet has breached the perimeter of your fence, and will act accordingly to keep them safe. With GPS satellite coverage spanning the world, the CollaRadar does its job anywhere, anytime.

Can I use my own SIM card?
Yes! If you have an existing 2G/3G SIM card with a text messaging plan, you can insert that into the unit. Or, you can get the CollaRadar with our flexible messaging plans pre-installed.

What's the battery life of the CollaRadar?
With typical settings and use of the “sleep” feature, a fully charged battery can last up to 5 days.

Is the CollaRadar compatible with any collar?
Yes! Our flexible mounting system fits collars of any size.

Is CollaRadar compatible with a harness, for smaller dogs?
Yes! If your harness uses a traditional strap system, the CollaRadar simply attaches to those straps.

Which applications is the CollaRadar best suited for?
If you're trying to a stop a pooch from running away, track a teen driver, or keep tabs on a your kids to make sure they make it home after school, the CollaRadar does it all. The CollaRadar is optimized for animals that can be trained to understand the concept of a fence.